oh my

Oh my, I seem to be having problems.

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Long time, big upgrade

Hello! after a long long time, I have decided to upgrade my site!  The upgrade is a work in progress, and It is going to be really nice!  This will be more of a UX upgrade rather than UI, and it should showcase some of the skills I can offer to potential clients.  Hopefully you will like it. 
I admit, I haven’t worked on this site much since the earthquake in Japan last year.  Living though such a horrific natural disaster has been devastating to me and my career.  I have gone through many ups and downs, but in the end I am a stronger than before. 

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Japan Earthquake

Hey everybody, 
I am just letting you know that I am all right after the Japan earthquake.  So far I am safe, but I am worried about the Nuclear reactor just north of me. 
As for some strange news regarding this, almost all my work in Japan has stopped.  So I am unable to make any money except through design.  I guess this makes me a full time designer.
In the mean time. I am going to try to stay safe and warm.

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I have just finished upgrading my site to Expression Engine 2.0!  It is nice to have a freelancer license so that I can now legally use this site to hopefully get me some more recognition out there.  Of course there are some little things which I need to get working again.  For example I need to fix the smilies…

And I need to learn a whole new control panel.  I hope that I can learn this new cms quickly!  I will let you know what I think once I finish playing around with it a bit!

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Hey everybody!

I have an announcement to make!  My company’s first product, Huggy Hearts, has been released on Facebook!
Huggy Hearts is a facebook app where you can create original cards and send them to your friends.  There are a variety of stickers and backgrounds you can choose to decorite your cards!  It is really cute!  love

I made most of the stickers, and my friend Skinniwini made the UI happy

Please click here to check it out

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New job!!

Hey everybody!!  Well I have exciting news! happy

My bunnies and I got a new job doing what we love most, making CUTE pictures love

We have signed on with a start up company making graphics for apps!  It is perhaps the BEST job I could ever ask for, because I get to work while laying down on the floor and drinking coffee!

Unfortunately I am going to be super busy, so it is going to be hard for me to find time to make some personal projects.  I will also be too busy to work with other clients too :(  But once things get going I may find time to continue bringing you my cute art work!!

I will let you know my company once we release our first product!!

In the mean time, Ninja Bunny and I have to work in the graphic factory, pumping out graphics!!! ninja

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100 days, 100 projects

I hope everybody is having a wonderfully productive new year!!  I must say that 2011 has been AWESOME to me so far! 

So Awesome, I have decided to take a 100 day challenge.  I will be making 100 projects within the first 100 days of 2011!! 

I am doing this to learn to PUSH myself, and take my productivity to levels it has never been!! happy

I am making advertisements, illustrations, graphics, web pages, and basically anything.  100 in 100 days!!

Well, we are 5 days into the year, and I have already finished 7 projects.  Lucky number 7 being this cute little background for my MAF page

cute little background

of course, if you like it, you can use it yourself! 

I will show you the cute ones here. 

But for now, I need to make a webpage!!

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Client pages up

Since I got a license of expression engine 2.1 (well coming Jan 10th) I will be officially be able to use this page for commercial purpose. 
I have been running it on the 1.6 core, as I have been working with registered version for a client…well it is messy.  Lets just say everything will be clean and legal love

The software is great, and I strongly believe you need to pay people for the work they do.  angel

Anyway, I will be able to “open shop” for business (and not just play, ok still play) and hopefully attract more clients to this site.  So I have opened up my “clients” pages. 

You can view them in the gallery or from the front page. happy

I also got a cute famicon made for my site!  Cute, no?



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