2010—year in review

Well it is December 31st, and 2010 is winding down,  in fact, there are only a few more hours left until new years!

2010 brought a lot.  I did a lot of work (including the redesign of this web page) but most importantly I found a dream and started to make it happen

Granted I didn’t do nearly as much design work as I wanted to do in 2010

BUT 2011 will start off with a bang!!

There are some things just waiting to open early in the year!!  So just wait, and thing will start off great!

best of all, 2011 is the YEAR OF THE BUNNY love

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America doesn’t   America doesn’t want athnying to do with global economics, as it’s far too busy starting illegal wars with anybody & everybody. =)


Posted by Catia  on  02/19  at  04:31 PM

Sonny, the nepwpaser industry is also being decimated. Is this also a result of illegal downloads?  If not, how do we know that the recording industry is being killed by illegal downloads rather than the same market forces that are killing nepwpasers?


Posted by Guilherme  on  02/19  at  09:53 PM


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