Hey everybody!

I have an announcement to make!  My company’s first product, Huggy Hearts, has been released on Facebook!
Huggy Hearts is a facebook app where you can create original cards and send them to your friends.  There are a variety of stickers and backgrounds you can choose to decorite your cards!  It is really cute!  love

I made most of the stickers, and my friend Skinniwini made the UI happy

Please click here to check it out

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Thank you, Valina, for the creative designs.  We love them!


Posted by Shirley Lin  on  03/20  at  01:29 PM

Wow! I like these hearts a lot! Thanks for the information about the facebook


Posted by writing a cv  on  10/31  at  01:33 AM

Hmmmmm….that is sagntre.  It still works for me.  I wonder if they have a way of knowing which computer is looking at their site and pulls up deals (we’ve ordered from them a lot). I’ll take this down tomorrow if no one else can do it.  Sorry!


Posted by Cricenolre  on  02/19  at  12:23 PM

excellent website, keep up the good work, my colleagues will love this. I’m so glad I found your blog. Thank you


Posted by gghdftdf  on  03/22  at  02:58 PM


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