New job!!

Hey everybody!!  Well I have exciting news! happy

My bunnies and I got a new job doing what we love most, making CUTE pictures love

We have signed on with a start up company making graphics for apps!  It is perhaps the BEST job I could ever ask for, because I get to work while laying down on the floor and drinking coffee!

Unfortunately I am going to be super busy, so it is going to be hard for me to find time to make some personal projects.  I will also be too busy to work with other clients too :(  But once things get going I may find time to continue bringing you my cute art work!!

I will let you know my company once we release our first product!!

In the mean time, Ninja Bunny and I have to work in the graphic factory, pumping out graphics!!! ninja

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I absolutely love your designs. It makes me feel so happy every time I visit it. Congratulations on the new job!


Posted by boston dui lawyer  on  02/02  at  12:01 PM

thanks for your support!!


Posted by Alice  on  03/03  at  01:29 AM

I am happy for you! It is good that you’ve found the new job


Posted by cv  on  10/31  at  01:34 AM

It makes me feel so happy every time I visit it. Congratulations on the new job!


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Posted by Kyle  on  02/20  at  11:23 PM

As a College Girl in Boston, the job makret (or lack there of) freaks me out. I’m hoping I can find something here (because who doesn’t love bars that close at 2 and public transportation that shuts down at 12:30am?!?) but I’m going to go where the job is! As long as it’s in a city, of course. Hopefully things will be better when it’s time for me to graduate!


Posted by Ambra  on  02/21  at  11:33 AM

Got chilled to view each addition (color, sign, presentation) of your post! Congratulations for being an active staff of a wonderful job. Enjoy it completely without thinking about personal leisure as it’ll come definitely. Thanks for a lovely sharing.
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Posted by David Fred  on  04/21  at  03:05 PM


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