bunny smilies

Here is a set of bunny smilies I made for http://www.myasianfashion.com
These smilies can be used for any non-commercial website freely, and any commercial website with my permission. 

In lieu of payment, I ask that you make a small donation to the Love-A-Bun Rabbit Rescue.

You can download the file by clicking here.

happy happy
cry cry
smile  smile
tongue tongue
onho  ohno

Added 12-9
peace peace
love  love
angry  angry
sleep  sleep

added 12-11
cool cool
cold cold
hot hot
angel angel
devil devil
sick sick
ninja ninja

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VAL!!!! you’re sooo adorable! these are like the cutest thing ever… #1 cutest bunnies! ^_^ makes me smile all the time.


Posted by kyutie  on  12/09  at  12:09 PM

Thank you Kyutie happy I will make you a lot of cute smilies smile


Posted by Alice  on  12/09  at  01:41 PM

awww… sooo KAWAII smile i dont really like bunnies but after seeing these gah.. theyre all so lovely.. cute cutesy ^^ i love it Val smile


Posted by atashiemjaydesu  on  12/12  at  04:23 AM

Aw! These are adorable!!


Posted by Princessmiyu  on  01/20  at  04:08 AM

Miyu and Emjay thank you peace


Posted by Alice  on  01/20  at  09:51 PM


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