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Like the title said, PTD is currently hosting the official blog for the San Francisco Store of BABY, the Stars Shine Bright.

The reason why I decided to host the blog was because it was the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to get the blog up and running ASAP. The blog isn't using expression engine at its core, because Baby doesn't own a license to run it as commercial software.

I wanted to keep the blog in the same layout I am building for the english version of the webpage (or translating, it is already built. I am now building the product pages). When the time comes to officially open the English BABY site, the SF blog will integrate smoothy with the entire site.

The downside, I really don't like the blog management software I are using. Compared to expression engine, this software is a little bit more difficult to work with as far as designing goes. The design doesn't quite fit as nice and I had hoped. Also, the software adds strange code which causes some validation error, thus causing it to be picky with Internet Sxploder... :snake: (that is NOT an SIC by the way). T-san's computer didn't display it right, and she is using an older browser... maybe 6.0? But it looked fine on 7.0 in the office... and I am sure 8.0 will be ok.

Of course, it looks best on Safari, the browser it was built on (I love my mac)

Let me know if you encounter any problems, and I will try to fix it OK?? In the mean time, enjoy!!


Click here to view the blog

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