expermental vector watercolor

Since Illustrator seems to be working better for me these days, I have decided to try to make a vector watercolor.  The image is not that good, but the fact that this is all vector is what is impressive.  Once I refine the technique a bit, things will get better smile 

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A lesson in cuteness

Just a quick little lesson in cuteness or kawaiisa…

Slight imperfections can make things cute. 

Now I am not saying this is always the case.  If you look at hello kitty, she is pretty proportional along with a lot of other Japanese characters…

But if you look really close at the designs done by BABY, there is a slight differences in their proportions!  They noses of animals are not perfect, the eyes are a bit off… the cups are not 100% perfectly straight.  The graphic designer has this LOVELY style, and it isn’t 100% perfect

As for my Princess bunny,  I focused on making her ears slightly loopy and that really added to her character.  It is the imperfections that make her cute, not the perfections.  My friends Skinni talked about this in her thesis on cuteness… (something which I MUST read when I see her).

Anyway, here is my cute princess bunny!

princess bunny

I will be showing more cute examples later

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Adobe CS in Snow Leopard

I tend to be quite a trusting person, and Apple is one company which i trust.  Well, after reading many reviews about Snow Leopard, and it’s speed and its size reduction I figured I would go out and get it.  It was considered to be that of a Windows service pack update, and nothing too special.  Well overall the OS works the same, and it IS faster on some things.  I also recovered nearly 15 gigs of hard drive space.    My CS3 collection seemed to be working smoother at first.

Then the errors starting happening…

I too am experiencing the crash while saving error in Photoshop and Illustrator.  Bridge and camera raw seems to be ok, and I haven’t played with Indesign enough to know of any problems

The problem seems to be more on the OS side than the software side.  I have had the same error with other programs when trying to save files.

As annoying as it is, the only thing we can do is wait for the engineers to fix the problem and release (hopefully soon in OS 10.6.2)

In the mean time, there are some things you can do to survive these crashes.

1) Save Now Save Often:  that is right, the one thing which is reportedly causing these crashes is the one thing you should do the most.  In fact, you should ALWAYS be practicing SNSO as a general principal.  What I have found is that “Save” is not causing any problems at all.  I managed to complete a large experimental project in illustrator (with thousands of strokes) just fine.    So save works, and works well,  so keep on saving.

2) be weary of “Save as:”  that is where the problem seems to be.  In the SAVE AS function.  For some strange reason Snow Leopard doesn’t seem to like having new files written on the disk, but it is OK with saving over files that are already there.  If you have a psd file that you want to save as a jpeg… then the save as may kick you out of Photoshop. 

3) Save before save as:  see #2

4) Create dummy files to work with:  Thats is what we are going to have to do for the time being.  Open up a new file in photoshop and save this empty files as a photoshop file.  Granted, it might kick out out of program 2 to 3 to 10 times, but once you get your dummy file saved, you should be able to overstep the save-as bug.  So what you can do is just copy the dummy file and use the copy for all your work, until the bugs are fixed.
(To save you the pain, I have a dummy file for you to use here)

5) Send prayers and wishes of good luck to the engineers, not complaints.  I am sure they get plenty of complaints… they know the problems.  In fact, Adobe already knows about the problem.  The best thing we can do is send these engineers the best of luck…

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Introducing my new character:  Baby Bunny

I have decided to create another character.  She came to me a few days ago before I was going to bed. I love rabbits, and I have a lot of rabbit stuffed animals on my bed.
So I decided to make a bunny.. Baby bunny. 

I sketched her out in my sketch book that night.  Then I repeated the sketch about 15 times until I got one nearly right. 

I scanned it into photoshop and took her into illustrator.

I did have some problems with her feet and the pacifier.  I originally made the rubber of the pacifier stick out to the side, and it was really looking funny.  But i fixed it… I think.

So without further ado, I bring to you my latest character, Baby Bunny

Baby bunny



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Master Studies…

Lately I have been working on master studies to improve my technique of Kawaisa!

Now I know there are those critics on a certain online group that is full of critics who would look at this and disregard it as mere copies of lolita art.

To which I say

Total BS

People have been doing master studies of artists for years and years, a lot of people learn from following the work of masters. I did it in my basic drawing class, and people do it throughout their lives. I met a man from Holland the other day, his father is a professional painter, who now restores Rembrandts. He said that his father spent year and years studying Rembrandt's methods. Now he is an amazing artist himself with his own style.

But anyway, here are my sweet lolita master studies. I just looked and kind of copied the idea, but I made them original enough. I just got the idea from looking and I made my own original version.

Une Tasse de Thé

Sweet Doughnuts

Lozza love!!

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Gingham Check Webpage backgrounds

Hello everybody! I know it has been a while since I posted to this blog. I have been busy working on the project for BABY. I don't want to say much about the webpage, but I am almost done with it. Now we have to make some decisions then we can get going. I hope that this page gets online as soon as posable!!!

Anyway, I decided to make some Gingham check background for your webpage! Gingham check is the PERFECT pattern for any lolita themed website. I made them in two sizes, large (170 x 170 px) and small (85 x 85 px) and 6 colors: Baby Pink, Sax Blue, Mint Green, Lemon Yellow, Milk Chocolate Brown and Gray (Ok, I have worked at BABY for too long LOL)

If you love this pattern, would would like to see it in another color to match your website, just leave me a comment and I will fulfill your request as soon as possible!

Baby Pink and Sax Blue

Mint Green and Lemon Yellow

Chocolate brown and Cookies and Cream

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Just some simple backgrounds

I am in the process of making some backgrounds for my friends at My Asian Fashion.

I just started yesterday, and I hope to have a lot more coming up soon

please left-click these to save them to your computer, and use them as your like.

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Amazing use of Adobe Illustrator

I have been playing around with Adobe illustrator a lot lately.  Well,  I just found this amazing collection of illustrations showing WHAT the program can do if you really put your mind to it. 

Check this out!!

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