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Like the title said, PTD is currently hosting the official blog for the San Francisco Store of BABY, the Stars Shine Bright.

The reason why I decided to host the blog was because it was the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to get the blog up and running ASAP. The blog isn't using expression engine at its core, because Baby doesn't own a license to run it as commercial software.

I wanted to keep the blog in the same layout I am building for the english version of the webpage (or translating, it is already built. I am now building the product pages). When the time comes to officially open the English BABY site, the SF blog will integrate smoothy with the entire site.

The downside, I really don't like the blog management software I are using. Compared to expression engine, this software is a little bit more difficult to work with as far as designing goes. The design doesn't quite fit as nice and I had hoped. Also, the software adds strange code which causes some validation error, thus causing it to be picky with Internet Sxploder... :snake: (that is NOT an SIC by the way). T-san's computer didn't display it right, and she is using an older browser... maybe 6.0? But it looked fine on 7.0 in the office... and I am sure 8.0 will be ok.

Of course, it looks best on Safari, the browser it was built on (I love my mac)

Let me know if you encounter any problems, and I will try to fix it OK?? In the mean time, enjoy!!


Click here to view the blog

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flower freebie


Would you like to have this flower?

Ok, too many movies for THIS young designer!  Anyway,  I decided that today was a nice day to give away a freebie

These are some cool little flowers.  Nothing much, but I wanted to give something out.

flower freebies

Download the PNG file

Download the EPS file



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The ‘About’ page is up…

Hi everybody

This is just a little reminder telling you that the about page is up and half-way complete.

I still want to put up my personal profile but I need to think about how I am going to do the layout.

One of the cutest things in the about page is the little bunny sketch I did today I haven’t done a photoshop sketch in a long time, so it made for a nice relaxing day…

cute rabbit

I love how well the bunnies turned out!!


On another note, I found myself some really groovy music to listen to when I am designing.  As much as I would love to listen to French or Japanese while designing… nothing really helps me get some cute ideas out like some good music.  I tend to listen to a lot of chill-out or lounge music while designing, so my room always sounds like I am shopping at the GAP!  Anyway, for some good BGM, check out  It offers some of the best in chill-out music, without talk nor advertisements.  All three of their stations are pretty good, and can be listened to for hours on end. 

I still need to get my RSS working!  I have a very cool idea FOR the RSS button itself… but I don’t know where I am going to put it yet. 


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A great cute font

I was always impressed with a font that appeared in the 2008 BABY, the Stars Shine Bright fall and winter collection catalogue.  The font appeared on page 18, and was for the “Mary in the sky with Candies.” 

It looked something like this:


I just loved this font, and I spent several sketch book pages imitating it on my own! 

Anyway, the other day, I was browsing with a client.  As we were looking for a suitable font for her page logo, I stumbled upon this font:



Acadian!  This was the font BABY used in their catalogue!  You can download it at My fonts.  It will cost you $12, but it is very cute font, and there is so much you can do with it!



Yes, I am going to love using this font!


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Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the revamped version of the Pink Tanpopo Designs webpage and blog.  After long and hard consideration, I decided that it was finally time to remake my entire website from ground up.    I am sorry to all of the fans of the old site.  I loved the room design, but I really wanted to do something else.  I may bring the room design back in my gallery,  but I don’t know for certain.


One of the biggest reasons for the change is that I am now using Expression Engine to power the site!  Although there are many free CMS systems out Expression Engine was the only one I found that gave me complete freedom as a designer to design my site.  It is easy much easer to use than Druple, not quite as big and buggy as Joomla and it offers you a lot more power than wordpress. 

The best part about it is that it is an extremely flexible CMS.  It is 100% free of any pre-fabricated designs (unlike Joomla with its cookie cutter system), thus allowing web designers the freedom to focus on the design, not on hacking.  You also get great customer service and technical support once you register!  That is why I am a big fan Expression Engine!

Now for some news!!


Pink Tanpopo Designs has been hired by BABY, the Stars Shine Bright to create an English version of their webpage.  As the world’s most famous brand of Japanese Lolita fashion, BABY understands the needs of catering to their overseas customers.  The site I have created for them is almost done,  I am in the process of translating all the item pages, and fixing some little things here and there. 

Overall the site is very turing out to be beautiful!!  All the Lolita brands here in Japan have their own image.  For example: Angelic is very childlike and cute,  Metamorphose is classy with a touch of punk to it and BABY is very simple and elegant.  I did a lot of research into BABY’s image before getting this job.  I looked at a lot of their advertisements, store decorations, products and so on.  I was able to then build them an English site which I think matches Baby’s simplicity and elegance, while maintaing their unique image in the world of Japanese Lolita fashion. 

Since I am officially employed at BABY for this job, I also get to wear their clothes and work in the head office!  I also get an employee discount (but those are just fringe benefits)!!! 

But I have never done anything bi-lingual before, so I am learning a lot of new things that you don’t normally have to consider when making web pages!  So this is a great job from that viewpoint.

Anyway, look for the release of the site soon!! 

Last but not least, I have many update plans for Pink Tanpopo Designs.  Please be patient!!  I will make announcements in my blog when site sections are complete!!   

Thank you again for all your wonderful support!

Have a nice day

Val,  Hungry Designer,  Pink Tanpopo Designs


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