2010—year in review

Well it is December 31st, and 2010 is winding down,  in fact, there are only a few more hours left until new years!

2010 brought a lot.  I did a lot of work (including the redesign of this web page) but most importantly I found a dream and started to make it happen

Granted I didn’t do nearly as much design work as I wanted to do in 2010

BUT 2011 will start off with a bang!!

There are some things just waiting to open early in the year!!  So just wait, and thing will start off great!

best of all, 2011 is the YEAR OF THE BUNNY love

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Love and passion..

Oh i loved this!!

yes, I believe that design should come from one’s own heart smile

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Totalmente Diva site is up

The design I did for Totalmente Diva is up.  happy

Totalmente Diva is a small store selling kawaii hand made jewelry in Brazil.  The artist, Adélia, is an amazing person! Not only does she make cute, sweet jewelry, but she is a prominent representative of Japanese fashion in Brazil.  peace

Also, she is a professional figure skater! cold

I just designed her front page, and I am still need to get her store and blog into the design.  But overall I am pleased with it.  I think the design really fits her personality!!

Also, she made this amazing banner with the logo I created for her!

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Things are getting better

Hi!  Well things are getting better! smile

I guess I have good news,  I am FINALLY going to have some client sites up soon happy happy happy

I have three sites on the burner now, almost ready to be be done!  A 4th site is done, but I am waiting for confirmation from my client….

So I am finally getting stared!

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pull down menus are evil

At least I am not the only one who thinks pull down menus are bad!! devil

I read this great article about web design today….
check it out

While I admit I am guilty of some of these sins, I agree with what it has to say! 

So lets follow the KISS rule and keep our menus nice and simple angel

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high res images

I went ahead and added lightbox to this site smile  So you can now view some of my gallery images in a higher resolution love

Not all of my images are in high res, mostly just the landscape images, but I do have a few of the portrait images up!

So go back to my gallery and enjoy!!


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Redesign is FINISHED!!

I am proud to announce that the site re-design is up and running!  happy

Pink Tanpopo Designs was completely re-designed from ground up to build a cuter, sweeter and more accommodating web site!  While I did have a certain place in my heart for my old design, I found it to be a bit limiting.  Not only in my new design much cuter and more colorful,  it is also much more functional.  love

Like my last design, it is also

valid... well, at least the html is valid.  The css is only 99% valid.  I say 95% because the css3 calls are too new to be included in the validator.  tongue   However, they are just a few atheistical aspects of the page (rounded corners, box shadows) that make it look really really nice.  If you haven’t already done so, I really recommend you try this site with a newer browser such as the newest Google Chrome (the newest Safari, Opera and Firefox work well too). 

If you are using Internet Explorer 7.0, then you should be aware that not only are you using a browser that not compliant to the standards, but it is full of bugs.

If you are using Internet Explorer 8.0, then you are running security risks to yourself  and you could possibly be damaging other secure sites! devil 

So if you are using Internet Explorer, please stop potentially attacking my site and switch to a safer, faster and better webkit browser! angel 

The new version of Chrome is now my favorite browser (as I write this in Safari) because it it is really really fast.  cool 

I have benchmarked all of my current browsers here for you to see.  I would like to get some IE on this test just to show you how poorly it performs. 

Back to the design! 

I really hope you think my new design is really cute.  I think the top page is a lot more functional, and the slide shows work well.  The blog page and the galerie just look better with the new lacy backgrounds (I think the galerie makes my images look so much nicer too).  I did remove the “freebees” from the main menu because I think that this is something I can use as a blog category in the future. 

This gets to my final thing for today.  While the new design is running, I still need to do the following:

1.  add the RSS syndication links
2.  make a “clients” page
3. make blog categories, archives etc.

with that I hope you enjoy my new site smile  smile  happy  happy

lots of bunny love love


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Almost done with the re-design!

OK! I just now finished the basic re-design of my website… BUT i haven’t got the new design uploaded onto my server.  I have to now upload the files and throw it all into the CMS and then do a billion different bug tests before it will be open.  happy

MY current design is cute and pink, yes, and I will link back to it ... but the new designs features other pastels!  Pink, Sax, Yellow and Mint (I am such a lolita geek) love

So look forward to my new design opening withen the next few days! tongue

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