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Founded by the uniquely extravagant artist Adélia Fernanda, Totalmente Diva is on the forefront of the Japanese fashion boom in Brazil. 

Growing in popularity, Adélia came to us asking for a modern facelift for her website.  She needed something that matched both her unique fashion style and her sweet products.  peace

Together we decided that a simple sweet shop theme would be the perfect match for her needs. 

We designed the logo first, so that she could make a new banner for the Japan expo in Brazil this year.  The typography was designed by first using a fountain pen, then using the amazing stroke width tool in Adobe Illustrator.  We have found that this tool is amazing when it comes to font development!  The rest of the site was designed with cafe stripes in mind.  smile

Also, Adélia really wanted to feature her little Yorkie, Diva, on the site.  So we happily made Diva a home on this site!

Overall Adélia was very happy with the design.  But don’t take our word for it!  happy

Listen to what she has to say herself:

When Valina started designing my website layout, I knew I could completely trust her 100% because I know she has a great taste and sense of matching colours. I gave her freedom to do whatever she wanted and as return I received the most beautiful website I could ever have in a very short period of time. She also redesigned my logo and it looks fabulous now! I’m proud of her work and recommend it to anyone who thinks about comissioning her work.

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