Ruru chan—a cute baby bunny

Ruru chan—a cute baby bunny image

Le bébé Ruru-chan! She is the cute little baby bunny Ruru. She, like most of my other bunnies, is based off a stuffed animal I have. 
I was trying to go for a soft, stuffed animal feeling with this project.  I wanted her to look as if she was something to give to a baby.  This cute vector illustration was made in illustrator, and uses a lot of soft blurs and the standard water color brushes to get the soft raster like watercolor effect.  Heavy blurred highlights and pencil strokes also add to the effect. 

Here is my stuffed animal bunnies I used to reference this illustration:

ruru real

  • Her face image
    Her face
  • Her face image
    Her feet
  • Her face image
    The baby bottle
  • Her face image
    The decoration

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Ruru-chan is such a cute little baby bunny smile


Posted by Alice  on  01/18  at  01:14 PM

I love her!!


Posted by Alice  on  02/01  at  07:35 PM

I agree. Properly designed games can be very engiagng to children with autism. I find the my son who was diagnosed with ASD likes games that have a repetitive sequence such as spinning a wheel and then matching a card. Any game that provides a reinforcer for learning to play correctly can be a great way to teach any child.


Posted by Lapek  on  12/29  at  09:27 PM


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