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Everybody,including little bunnies, loves to play in the autumn leaves. 
I am beginning to add a little bit more complication to my illustration technique.  First of all, my cute bunny has some action, instead of just sitting there.  Second, I am adding background, applying classical illustration technique to my vectors to create depth.  I have also enhanced my soft blur effect to apply more of a water color style to the vectors. 

This cute little vector illustration was based off this little dutch bunny!

  • The bunny image
    The bunny
  • The bunny image
    The leaves
  • The bunny image
    The cat tails
  • The bunny image
    Flying through the air

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Fantastic news!  I srttaed listening after the hiatus went on, but listened to the back episodes anyway, and I thought it was great, getting to hear about the work week of a couple successful but mildly struggling illustrators.  A healthy dose of reality, fun, and awesome, I’d have to second the notion to start listening to the back episodes as well.  Great to hear Big Illustration Party Time is back.  I have the theme song for the   Big Art and Story Party Time!  Episodes perpetually stuck in my head.  Chad


Posted by Fatou  on  02/21  at  01:36 PM


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