Japan Earthquake

Hey everybody, 
I am just letting you know that I am all right after the Japan earthquake.  So far I am safe, but I am worried about the Nuclear reactor just north of me. 
As for some strange news regarding this, almost all my work in Japan has stopped.  So I am unable to make any money except through design.  I guess this makes me a full time designer.
In the mean time. I am going to try to stay safe and warm.

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wow.. :( take care!
first time i came to this blog, its cute!


Posted by cute quotes  on  03/24  at  01:24 AM

It is really lovely site. earthquakes are really destroy every thing but we nothing do against it.


Posted by Nonstick Frypan  on  08/06  at  09:00 PM

Hi buddy!! Don’t worry our best wishes is with you. Yes the earthquake totally destroyed the Japans most of the places completely. Anyway buddy be alert and take care. See you in your next post smile


Posted by David Warner  on  08/23  at  11:46 PM

What about now? Nothing on Romanian television about that reactor.
What happened with it?


Posted by Pintor en Madrid  on  10/10  at  04:25 PM

It was the most awful earthquake that I have ever seen! Poor Japan!


Posted by essays  on  10/31  at  01:32 AM

Its very GooD to know that you are safe ...

First time ever i have seems Such a Sweet article in which some body has given a news of being safe through blog .

God Bless You !


Posted by strivectin reviews  on  02/07  at  03:42 PM

Awesome post ..i think I have created this post just to show your creative design ... well god bless all the victim of japan earthquake


Posted by Phen375  on  02/07  at  09:20 PM

Pink is Looking great .. Nice post .. As well The way to Posting An Article looks highly Stunning !


Posted by colosan  on  02/08  at  03:09 PM

Hey dear!!
Don’t worry Every thing will be alright soon.
Take care of your self


Posted by Phenocal  on  02/08  at  04:15 PM

God bless All the Victim Of Quake !!


Posted by Reflexir  on  02/08  at  10:40 PM

You had make a very nice design. Now by God grace you are become a very good web designer. Keep it up and god bless you!


Posted by Somulin reviews  on  02/09  at  03:26 PM

May God bless to all the victims of Earth Quake…
And you are doing your work very well!
Keep it up….


Posted by maxolash  on  02/09  at  06:42 PM

I think Japan has recover from disaster very well!  sick


Posted by Eyelastin reviews  on  02/10  at  06:53 PM

Oh ... its seems very Old Post Now !!
Need a update tongue


Posted by Strivectin  on  02/23  at  08:39 PM

In the mean time. I am going to try to stay safe and warm.


Posted by Personal Injury  on  03/11  at  07:30 PM

In the mean time. I am going to try to stay safe and warm. Personal Injury


Posted by Adam  on  03/11  at  07:31 PM

Nothing on Romanian television about that reactor.  computer recycling


Posted by Joy  on  07/06  at  08:33 PM


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